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Ralph Ziman

Ziman, a South African street artist who now resides in Venice Beach, California, attacks Africa’s dominant gun culture with piercing colors and images that don’t fade from memory. With knitted masks and beaded weapons, Ziman paints Africa’s obsession with guns and the power they provide as so bizarre and overwhelming it’s nearly surreal. Both worshipped and feared, Ziman’s guns appear like dangerous totems from an unknown ritual, somewhat removed from the gun culture we’ve heard so much about. The vendors who star in Ziman’s photos were not at all directed in how to pose with the weapon replicas. Yet the viewer can sense the additional status pulsing through the subjects as they hold their powerful instruments, even if only for the duration of a photograph.

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Lives for grass by Mathilde Roussel

Mathilde Roussel is a French artist based in. Her artwork explores the questions around human being in what it is the most imperceptible. It is linked to a search to reveal through metaphor, our inner image. She wants to find the shape, the color, the dimension of our mental landscape. Her autonomous preparatory drawings allow her to formally think her sculptures which become drawings in space. Through her explorations, she strives to question time considering both human and vegetal time. Her work becomes a mapping of our body, an anatomy of time and space that we occupy by our fragile presence in the world.,  , 

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Hublot Skull Bang  x Alexander McQueen Skull cufflinks.More of our footage at WatchAnish.com.
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Hublot Skull Bang  x Alexander McQueen Skull cufflinks.
More of our footage at WatchAnish.com.

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